There are a few ways to support the podcast. The most simple one is to subscribe using your favourite podcasting app (including YouTube and Spotify), and tell friends who might enjoy the podcast about it.

Another way is to email me at or leave an anonymous note at this link and tell me about what you think about the podcast and how it could be better. The current listener base is small enough that your voice can really be informative about how I can improve the show!

Finally, you can also support the podcast financially. Currently, the Long Term Future Fund and Lightspeed Grants support the podcast, but viewer support lets me (and funders) know if people are getting value out of the podcast, as well as diversifying our funding sources. Ways you can do this:

  • Becoming a monthly subscriber on Patreon, potentially getting perks like seeing my episode prep notes or being thanked at the end of episodes.
  • Making a one-off donation on ko-fi.